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ATB Prosper

Invest your money, not your time.

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With ATB Prosper, you can invest online in a TFSA, RRSP, RESP and mutual funds in minutes! It’s an easy-to-use digital investing experience that offers support from real, live investment advisors. So you can spend more time brunching, gaming, loving your cat and living your life than you do thinking about investing.

ATB Prosper could be for you if:

You’ve got a few minutes and $100. That’s all it takes to open an account.

You think investing should have an easy button. Check.

You want fewer fees and more gains. How do low management fees, no annual administration fees and an annual ATB Prosper Bonus sound?

You're looking for investments you can count on. Meet our award-winning Compass Portfolios.

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ATB Investment Management Inc. ("ATBIM") manages the Compass Portfolio Series. ATBIM and ATB Securities Inc. ("ATBSI") are wholly owned subsidiaries of ATB Financial, and may operate under the registered trade name ATB Wealth. Additional information about the Compass Portfolio Series and other important disclosures may be found at compassportfolios.com

ATB Prosper is a product of ATB Securities Inc.

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What’s the difference between a TFSA and RRSP?

Lots! Both of these investment types will help you reach your goals, but in very different ways. 

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What makes ATB’s Compass Portfolios different?

Compass Portfolios make investing simple. Find out more about ATB’s investing recipe for success.

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Do you speak investing?

You will soon. Here are nine basic investing terms to get you started.

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