ATB has a depth and breadth of corporate financial ability that may surprise you.

You might also be surprised at the way we do business—with heart, with global vision and with great respect for where your instincts have already taken you. For us, doing business is not just about shares, it's about shared values. It's about being there for you long after the hands have shaken and the ink has dried.

Because we're not done when the deal is.


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Expert advice

At ATB, we combine our industry and local market expertise with a full suite of modern solutions to bring our customers’ visions to life. Our experts are immersed in over 30 industries including:

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ATB’s Financial Markets Group is a local team with global insights. Beyond offering world class foreign exchange services, our market professionals take the time to understand your business and partner with you to find the best solutions for your unique needs. Look to our experts for support with interest rate swaps, commodities and ATB FX.


Arm your global business with increased power and flexibility using ATB’s online foreign exchange platform, ATB FX. By streaming real-time market rates it allows you to actively manage your currency needs and mitigate the uncertainties and risks that exchange rate fluctuations can bring. Available 24 hours a day, 5 days a week (M-F)—with the support and advice you’d expect from a world-class service.

Equipment Finance

When you need access to capital and equipment to grow your business, we’re just a call away. We know the Alberta economy, its complexities and can work with you to find the right financing and leasing solutions that work for your business.  Let us create a customized, hassle-free solution for you, so you can get back to your customers.


When it comes to cash management, don’t settle for one-size-fits-all solutions. At ATB, we take the time to listen and fully understand your business need, so we can recommend what makes the most sense. We specialize in outfitting businesses with millions in revenue, locations across Canada and thousands of incoming and outgoing payments each month.

Deposit team

When you invest with ATB you invest in Alberta. Talk to one of our deposit experts about flexible solutions that give you the best returns.

ATB's Energy Group is one of the largest specialized energy teams in Canada, offering financial solutions across exploration and production, drilling and services, power and midstream with support from a dedicated engineering analysis team. We are nimble enough to respond quickly, while managing the largest volume of energy deals in Canada.

Our Real Estate Group focuses on a broad array of market sub-sectors in both the stand-alone and syndicate market, including:

ATB looks at every business challenge from a provincial and global perspective—whether it’s a new business, local growth opportunity or expansion into international markets. Let us connect you with a network of manufacturing specialists and service providers to get you the funds and support you need.

  • Commercial and industrial land development 
  • Residential land development
  • Single-family home builders
  • Multi-family home builders
  • Shopping centre and strip projects
  • Hospitality

Oil & Gas

Real Estate


Local to global, with ease.

Our clients mean the world to us, so our support for your business doesn’t stop at our borders. Our Alberta-based teams have spent their careers understanding how to make successful, lucrative decisions across the globe with their clients. If you’re looking to grow your business out of Alberta and onto the global stage, we’d welcome the opportunity to listen to your dream and see how we can help make it happen.

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Financial Markets Group

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