GIC investments for Alberta businesses

Get your money making money with three new ATB business GICs.

When you open a GIC at ATB, you’re not just getting a guaranteed rate—you’re making sure the money stays here in Alberta to support the businesses, families and communities that make us who we are.

Rate (%)



0–29 days
30–59 days

60–89 days
90–119 days
120–179 days
180–269 days
270–364 days
365 days

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Amplify GIC for business

One-year fixed term | Rising rate of return, up to 1.30%1 | Redeem any time without penalty

Designed with businesses in mind, the Amplify GIC is the perfect balance of earning potential and flexibility. You can withdraw at any time, but the longer you keep your money in, the more you earn in return.

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1.3% annual rate as of April 1, 2019. Rate subject to change without notice.
2.00% annual interest rate as of March 15, 2019. Rate subject to change without notice. Visit or any ATB branch for current rates.

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Choose Alberta GICs

27 month non-redeemable | GUARANTEED 2.00% rate of return | Bonus opportunity

With these two Choose Alberta GICs, we offered a guaranteed 2.00% interest rate2  plus a one-time potential bonus that’s tied to the Alberta economy.

The Choose Alberta GIC is no longer available for purchase—but the money invested is still growing strong, right here in Alberta. 

Here's how it worked.

Choose Alberta – Prime Rate

Your bonus grows if the Prime rate rises.

Earn 2.00% (guaranteed!)2

+ one-time bonus based on Bank of Canada’s (BofC) Prime interest rate.

How it works (PDF)

We’ve paid over $1.8 million in bonuses when the 2016 Choose Alberta GICs matured! That’s great news for our investors—and for Alberta. Wondering how yours did?

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